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Traditional gold diggers use gold diggers to separate gold from sediments, but this is not the most effective method. At present, most gold prospectors use the most commonly used placer gold ore dressing equipment: placer gold drum washing machine, gold separation chute, centrifugal gold separator, shaker, etc.

The drum washing machine is a rotating metal cylinder installed in a slightly inclined field with a screen at the bottom and a lifting rod located in the tube. At the beginning of the placer gold beneficiation, the placer gold mineral material is fed from the upper end of the drum washing machine. At the same time, pressurized water is injected into the barrel. The high-pressure running water and mechanical agitation are combined to combine the gold with the mud and waste rock. Separate. The sieved ore is then sent to a chute or centrifuge and other beneficiation equipment for beneficiation.

The chute uses the power of running water to extract gold faster. Generally speaking, the chute is about 3 meters long, 0.5 meters wide, and 25 cm deep, with a series of ripples at the bottom, which agitate the mud and gravel to extract granular and massive gold. As the water flows through the chute, the granular and massive gold remains on the sticky gold blanket, and the lighter silt tailings overflow from the other end.

In order to remove as much impurities as possible and obtain pure gold, the miners of the placer gold mine may use the crude concentrate obtained from the chute and centrifuge to further select the gold concentrate using gold beneficiation shakers and amalgamation cylinders. Purer gold.

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