Forui Lab Jig (which is also called lab jig concentraors, lab jig machines, lab mineral jigs or lab jig separators), an innovative device tailored for small-scale mineral processing experiments.

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Forui Lab Mineral Jig Separator04
Forui Lab Mineral Jig Separator

As a professional manufacturer of mineral jig separator, we understand the importance of efficient and precise separation equipment in mineral processing and resource recovery. Today, we are excited to introduce our star product – Forui Lab Jig (which is also called lab jig concentraors, lab jig machines, lab mineral jigs or lab jig separators), an innovative device tailored for small-scale mineral processing experiments.

Compact yet Powerful

Forui lab jig is a miniaturized gravity separation device that inherits the core advantages of industrial jigs while being specially optimized for lab applications. This equipment cleverly separates mineral particles of different densities into layers through water pulsation, achieving efficient material separation.

Diverse Applications, Empowering Scientific Innovation

Mineral Processing Optimization

Forui lab jig provides researchers and engineers with an ideal platform for simulating and testing different mineral processing parameters. By flexibly adjusting operating conditions such as water flow velocity, jigging frequency, and bed height, users can quickly find the optimal mineral processing solution, significantly improving the separation efficiency and concentrate quality of mineral resources.

Education and Training

In mining colleges and professional training institutions, Forui lab jig is widely used as a teaching and training tool. It helps students and professionals gain a deep understanding of gravity separation principles and master practical operation skills, contributing to the cultivation of high-quality mining talents.

Diverse Mineral Processing

Forui lab jig can efficiently select various metal ores (such as tungsten, tin, iron, manganese, chrome and gold ores),non-metallic minerals( such as fluorite , barite , celestite , garnet) and process metallurgical slag to recover useful metal particles. Moreover, it excels in recovering metal components from electronic waste and household garbage, making significant contributions to environmental protection and resource recycling.

Advanced Principle, Simple Operation

Forui lab jig adopts an advanced hydraulic pulsation principle, creating settling velocity differences for particles of different densities to achieve precise layered separation. Its simple yet efficient workflow is as follows:

  • Evenly spread the material to be separated on the jig’s screen plate.
  • Inject water into the jig and generate controllable up and down pulsations.
  • Under the pulsation of water, denser mineral particles settle to the bottom of the screen plate, while less dense particles are carried to the top by the water flow.
  • Precisely control the separation of mineral particles of different densities by adjusting water flow and pulsation frequency.
  • Outstanding Advantages, Leading the Industry.

Forui Lab Jig Offers The Following Significant Advantages

  • Compact size and simple structure, easy to operate and maintain.
  • Low energy consumption and low operating costs, economically efficient.
  • Specially designed for small-scale mineral separation experiments and research, meeting specific laboratory needs.
  • High precision and reliability, providing strong support for scientific research results.

Technical Parameters


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