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The FRT16-2 jig machine is a jig machine with a large processing capacity and large feed size designed by Forui Machinery.

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Mineral Jig 16-2
Mineral Jig 16-2

The FRT16-2 jig machine is a jig machine with a large processing capacity and large feed size designed and developed by Forui Machinery according to market demand. The effective feeding particle size of the equipment can reach 50mm, and the processing capacity can reach 60 tons/hour, which is very suitable for large and medium-sized concentrators.

The FRT16-2 jigging machine is a new type of jigging machine designed and developed by Forui Machinery on the basis of the lower-moving diaphragm jigging machine and the compound jigging machine. Its working strength is much higher than that of ordinary lower-moving diaphragm jigs, its stroke frequency range is much higher than that of compound jigs, and its stroke coefficient is also higher than that of lower-moving diaphragm jigs and compound moving screen jigs. Therefore, the FRT16-2 jig machine has many advantages such as large feeding particle size, high output, simple structure, and small area. At present, this machine has been successfully used in the beneficiation of iron ore, manganese ore, and barite, and has achieved ideal beneficiation effects.


1. Compact structure and small floor space.
2. The equipment parts have the characteristics of high strength and high efficiency.
3. The maximum feeding particle size is 50mm, and the hourly production capacity can reach 60 tons.
4. Simple operation, convenient maintenance, few wearing parts, suitable for concentrators with harsh conditions, heavy workload, and high processing requirements.

Working Principle

Manganese Beneficiation Plant in South Africa
Manganese Beneficiation Plant in South Africa

After being crushed, the raw ore reaches the granularity range of the jigger’s feeding material, and then it is evenly fed into the jigger’s feeding trough through the feeding device. When it is working normally, the lower moving pendulum rod swings up and down under the action of the eccentric link mechanism, the distance of the pendulum rod moving up and down is adjusted by adjusting the eccentric amount of the eccentric shaft, and the stroke frequency of the jig machine is adjusted by adjusting the motor speed.

The lower moving pendulum rod regularly swings up and down to drive the rubber diaphragm and the lower moving vertebral body to move up and down, which then produces regular up and down fluctuations in the water flow in the jig. The pulsation curve generated by the eccentric link mechanism is a sine-wave curve. Therefore, the water flow produced by this type of jig is also similar to sine wave pulsating water flow.

The sine wave pulsating curve forms a vertically changing water flow in the jig, and minerals can be re-layered under the action of this vertical alternating water flow. The sedimentation speed of the denser minerals in the water flow is fast, and it is located in the lower part of the material layer, while the minerals with a low density have a slow sedimentation speed in the water flow and are in the upper part of the material layer.

Due to the difference in density, it is difficult for materials with low density to enter the lower space through the layer with high density, so the materials are roughly divided into two layers. Heavy minerals enter the concentrate tank through the screen, and light minerals are discharged out of the equipment from the tailing tank. The materials are continuously fed into the jigging machine, re-layered by the pulsating water flow, and finally discharged out of the jigging machine separately, forming a continuous jig beneficiation process.

Technical Parameters

ModelFeeding Size(mm)Capacity(T/h)Power(kW)Jigging Area(m²)Weight(t)L*W*H(mm)

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