Jaw Crusher

Mine jaw crusher in mines, building materials, infrastructure and other departments mainly used as coarse crusher and medium crusher.

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Jaw crusher
Jaw crusher

Mine jaw crusher in mines, building materials, infrastructure and other departments mainly used as coarse crusher and medium crusher. There are three kinds according to the width of feed port: large, medium and small. The width of feed port is more than 600 MM for large machine, the width of feed port is 300-600 MM for medium machine, and the width of feed port is less than 300 MM for minicomputer. It has simple structure, easy manufacture and reliable work.

Large quarry
Large quarry

The working part of the jaw crusher is two jaw plates, one is the fixed jaw plate (fixed jaw), the vertical (or upper end slightly tilted) is fixed on the front wall of the body, the other is the movable jaw plate (moving jaw), the position is tilted, and the upper and lower broken cavity is formed with the fixed jaw plate (working cavity). The movable jaw plate makes periodic reciprocating motion to the fixed jaw plate, sometimes separating and sometimes approaching. When separated, the material enters the crushing chamber and the finished product is unloaded from the lower part; when close, the material installed between the two jaw plates is crushed by extrusion, bending and splitting.

It can be divided into simple swing jaw crusher, complex swing jaw crusher and comprehensive swing jaw crusher.

Working Principle

When it works, the movable jaw plate makes periodic reciprocating motion to the fixed jaw plate, sometimes approaching and sometimes leaving. When near, the material is crushed by extrusion, splitting and impact between the two jaw plates; when left, the broken material is discharged from the discharge port by gravity.

In the process of crushing huge stones into small stones, the first crusher is usually the “main” crusher. The longest and strongest crusher in history is the jaw crusher. When feeding the jaw crusher, the material is poured into the crushing chamber containing the jaw teeth from the top entrance, and the jaw teeth push the material to the wall of the chamber with great force and break it into smaller stones.

The jaw tooth movement is supported by an eccentric shaft, which runs through the fuselage frame. Eccentric motion is usually produced by a flywheel fixed at both ends of the shaft. Spherical roller bearings are often used in flywheel and eccentric support bearings, which must withstand huge impact loads, abrasive sewage and high temperatures.

Large quarry
Large quarry


  1. low noise and less dust.
  2. its crushing ratio is large, the product particle size is uniform.
  3. structure is simple, work is reliable, operation cost is low.
  4. lubrication system is safe and reliable, parts replacement is convenient, equipment maintenance is simple.
  5. the broken cavity is deep and has no dead zone, the feed capacity and output are improved.
  6. equipment energy saving: single machine energy saving 15~30, system energy saving more than double.
  7. discharge port adjustment range is large, can meet the requirements of different users.

Technical Parameters

ModelMax Feed Size(mm)Discharge Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Weight(t)Dimension(mm)

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