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Log Washer

Log washer is a large-scale equipment used in ferrous and non-ferrous metal mines, steel, metallurgy and chemicals to wash ores and stones.

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Log Washer
Log Washer

Log washer is a large-scale equipment used in ferrous and non-ferrous metal mines, steel industry, metallurgy, chemicals, and building materials to wash ores and stones. The large processing capacity of the ore washing machine is the ideal equipment to meet the requirements of high productivity for the cleanliness of ore and stone. Ore washing can prevent the mud in the mud-containing mineral raw materials from blocking the crushing and screening equipment. If the raw material contains soluble useful or harmful substances, ore washing should also be carried out.

It relies on the propeller washing blades fixed on the drive shaft to continuously cut and stir the ore and mud mass, so that the mud mass is completely broken. The soluble impurities in the ore dissolve in the water and overflow. It is mainly used for washing hard-to-wash ore with many mud masses and strong viscosity.

Principle of Log Washer

Log Washer
Log Washer

The log washer is composed of trough body, transmission shaft, propeller blade (it is fixed on the transmission shaft), reducer, motor and other components. The hard-to-wash ore materials are fed into the log washer from the feed inlet, and the mud mass is completely broken up under the continuous cutting, scrubbing and stirring action of the propeller blades.

The mud is separated from the ore, the mud is discharged through the overflow, and the washed ore is pushed to the discharge port for discharge, completing the ore washing process.

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Features of Log Washer

1. Large processing capacity and strong ore washing capacity.
2. The propeller blade has a strong cutting ability and can completely break up the mud.
3. The blade is made of thick high manganese steel, which is strong and durable.
4. The drive shaft is made of thick seamless pipe.
5. The motor and reducer with large output power can produce high-efficiency torque.

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Weight 2500 kg
Dimensions 560 × 110 × 90 cm


Feed Size (mm)


Capacity (t/h)


Power (kw)



Manganese Ore in Oman
tantalum-niobium ore
tantalum-niobium ore concentrate
Concentrate of barite obtained after beneficiation