Process and Principle of Magnetic Separation of Iron Ore

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magnetic separator principle
magnetic separator principle

According to the different types of iron minerals, the iron ore beneficiation process mainly includes magnetic separation, magnetized roasting-magnetic separation, flotation, and gravity separation. Today, I will share with you the magnetic separation process of iron ore.

Magnetic Separation Principle

Magnetic separation is a beneficiation method that uses the magnetic difference between minerals in a non-uniform magnetic field to separate different minerals. Magnetic separation is the most commonly used beneficiation method for ferrous metal ore such as iron ore. It is divided into weak magnetic separation and strong magnetic separation according to the different magnetic field strengths. The weak magnetic separation process is mainly used to process strong magnetic minerals such as magnetite, and the strong magnetic separation process is mainly used to process weak magnetic minerals such as hematite.

Basic Conditions of Magnetic Separation

Magnetic separation is carried out in a magnetic separator. When the mixture of mineral particles (mineral slurry) is fed into the magnetic separator, the magnetic mineral particles are subjected to the action of magnetic force (f magnetic), which overcomes the resultant force of all mechanical forces opposite to the direction of the magnetic force (Σf machine. It includes gravity, Centrifugal force, friction force, water flow force, etc.).

Magnetic minerals are attracted to the cylinder of the magnetic separator and then brought to the discharge end by the rotating drum, where they are discharged into magnetic products. Because the non-magnetic mineral particles are not affected by magnetic force, they are discharged from the discharge pipe of the bottom box of the magnetic separator under the action of the mechanical force. They are non-magnetic products.

The above process shows that to ensure that the magnetic mineral particles are separated from the non-magnetic mineral particles, the magnetic force acting on the magnetic mineral must be greater than the combined force of the mechanical force opposite to it, namely:

If you want to separate the two minerals with strong magnetism and weak magnetism, the magnetic force of the strong magnetic mineral must be greater than the combined force of the mechanical force in the opposite direction to the magnetic force, and the magnetic force of the weak magnetic mineral It must be less than the resultant force of the mechanical force opposite to the magnetic force, that is, the following conditions must be met:

In the formula, f1 magnetism and f2 magnetism are the magnetic force acting on the mineral particles with strong and weak magnetism, respectively. It explains the separation conditions of different magnetic mineral particles and explains the essence of magnetic separation, that is, magnetic separation is realized by the different effects of magnetic and mechanical forces on different magnetic mineral particles.

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