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There are many different types of garnets. The beneficiation methods mainly include strong magnetic separation and gravity beneficiation. Among them, strong magnetic separation is mainly used for the beneficiation of medium and fine-grained garnets, while gravity beneficiation is mainly used for coarse-grained garnets. Here, we will share with you several garnet beneficiation equipment.

Garnet Beneficiation Equipment

There are two main states of garnet. One is embedded in the rock. The monomer dissociation of this type of garnet is low, which means that the garnet and its accompanying gangue coexist. We must crush or even grind to break the conjoined state of garnet and gangue, dissociate the garnet monomer, and then extract the garnet by strong magnetic separation or gravity separation.

Another type of garnet is placer, which means that garnet is distributed in placer and completely dissociated from sand. This type of garnet is often of low grade, but the particles are larger, and it is mostly used to make decorations or jewelry. Therefore, in the process of beneficiation, the beneficiation cannot be carried out in a conventional manner. Usually, after washing and screening, manual and gravity beneficiation are carried out to ensure the integrity of the garnet crystal particles.

Therefore, for garnet ore in two different states, different beneficiation equipment needs to be used.

1. The Beneficiation Equipment of Garnet Rock Mine

Mineral Jig AM30
Mineral Jig AM30

For the garnet ore embedded in the rock, the usual beneficiation method is crushing, grinding, and then extracting through gravity beneficiation equipment or strong magnetic separator. But for garnet mines with poor permeability, strong magnetic separation equipment is ineffective, and gravity separation methods must be used.

In the process of beneficiation of garnet ore in the rock, the equipment that needs to be used includes crushers, rod mills, jigs, strong magnetic separators and so on. The crusher is used to crush larger rocks. After the crushed material reaches the mill’s feeding particle size range, it is sent to the rod mill for grinding.

Result of Garnet Beneficiation Plant in Shanxi
Result of Garnet Beneficiation Plant in Shanxi

Garnet has a relatively high hardness, and fine-grained garnets are mostly used in the abrasive industry. Therefore, the degree of damage to the garnet crystals during the grinding process is not large. The use of a rod mill can also effectively reduce excessive grinding and ensure that the particles of the material are uniform. The garnet and waste rock that have been ground by the rod mill have basically been separated into monomers, and then a strong magnetic separator or jigging machine can be selected for ore beneficiation according to the specific properties of the garnet.

2. Mineral Processing Equipment for Garnet Placer

Mineral Jig 6109

For the garnet ore distributed in the placer, it generally needs to be washed, because most of the placer contains more soil impurities, it is difficult to distinguish between garnet and waste rock. After washing, the garnet presents a colorful and smooth color, which can be recognized by the human eye, and then a part of large-grained garnets can be selected by manual selection.

Garnet Concentrate in Heilongjiang
Garnet Concentrate in Heilongjiang

After manual selection, the materials are screened into the gravity beneficiation process, and after the beneficiation by the jig machine, fine-grained garnets can be recovered. At present, the size of the garnet that can be recovered by the jigging machine is between 0-30 mm, which effectively reduces the labor intensity of manual selection and improves the quality and efficiency of the beneficiation. For the beneficiation of garnet placers, the equipment needed to use is a washing machine, a manual hand-selecting belt, a vibrating screen, a mineral jig, and so on. The picture below shows the shipment site of Forui Machinery Garnet Processing Equipment:

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