Alluvial Gold Sluice Box 1: To Recover Gold With Sluice Box

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Gold Mining Trommel Screen and Sluice Box
Gold Mining Trommel Screen and Sluice Box

In northern Canada, a device called alluvial gold sluice box is used almost entirely to recover gold from gravel. A alluvial gold sluice box is an artificial channel into which gold-bearing gravel are flushed.

With enough water to wash away all the large boulders that have been screened, the gold settles to the bottom of the water, where it is captured by slats called “riffles”.

The riffles act as tiny restrictions to the water’s flow, creating low-pressure pockets that allow heavy gold to drop out of suspension while tailings(waste) flow out of the sluice box.


Sluice Box Principle
Sluice Box Principle

The basic principle of sluice box placer gold ore dressing is to use the large specific gravity difference between gold and sand. When the slurry flows through the sluice box, the gold of high density is deposited at the bottom of the sluice box, while the sand waste of low density is floating on the top and discharged from the sluice box with the current. 

The stationary sluice box was used to extract gold with a sluice box matting. As a result of fixed sluice box will appear the phenomenon of hardening, silt groove. As a result, the recovery rate of gold from sluice box matting is very low. In this case, the vibrating sluice box came into being. The periodic agitation of the floor causes the pulp to be stratified and effectively overcomes sediment hardening, resulting in a gold recovery rate of about 90%.

vibrating sluice box
vibrating sluice box

Vibrating sluice box can overcome the phenomenon of hardening and silting in fixed sluice box. The bottom plate of the Vibrating sluice is made of rubber board, and the motor drives the sluice box bottom plate to do mechanical movement, so that the bottom plate is slowly agitated.

This technique was used thousands of years ago in the Middle East, where shorn animal skins were nailed to the bottom of the water race. The fibres capture the heavy gold, which is then recovered by washing or burning the wool.

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