Placer Gold Recovery 4: Possible Problems With Placer Gold Recovery

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When the size of gold ore particles exceeds 1mm and the shape of the particles is circular, there is little problem with recovery. However, once the gold particles are less than 0.5mm, it will be more and more difficult to recover. If a simple beneficiation process is used to treat fine alluvial gold, a large proportion of the gold will be lost to the tailings.

Another problem that gold miners may face is that if gold ore is far-travelled, the particles may be flat and flaky, which may affect the recovery rate of gold ore. You can do a little experiment with two pieces of A4 paper, one of which is crumpled into a ball, the other remaining intact, and then release the two pieces from the same height to free fall. You will find that although they are of the same mass, the ball falls much faster than the original A4 paper.

Before a new ore deposit is mined, it is necessary to understand the nature of the gold to be mined, because this information will affect the beneficiation process of the ore deposit and can be obtained by drilling for the ore deposit.

If the ore deposit is large grain (greater than 1mm) and lump gold deposit, a simple beneficiation process can meet the demand. However, if the gold ore is fine and flake, it is difficult to recover. Before ore dressing, only well-designed beneficiation technology and high-quality beneficiation system can ensure the recovery rate of placer gold.

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