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Gold Ore Concentrate Produced by Centrifuge
Gold Ore Concentrate Produced by Centrifuge

Centrifugal concentrator is a new type of equipment developed in modern times to recover useful minerals in fine mud. For example, centrifuges are often used to extract gold from placer gold mines and rock gold mines.

The separation effect of gold ore sludge in the gravity field is poor, and sometimes it is even difficult to separate. In the centrifugal force field, because the centrifugal force on the mineral is much greater than gravity, it is combined with the flow film beneficiation. Therefore, the problem of recovering fine-grained minerals from 74~10μm fine mud can be solved.

centrifugal concentrator
centrifugal concentrator

The beneficiation process of the centrifugal concentrator is carried out in the centrifugal force field. Its characteristic is to use the centrifugal force of the fine mineral particles in the centrifugal force field to greatly exceed the gravity, thereby accelerating the sedimentation of the mineral particles (that is, increasing the radial sedimentation speed), Which expands the difference in the sedimentation speed of different density ore particles, thereby strengthening the process of gravity beneficiation.

The centrifugal force c generated when the mineral particles move in a circular motion in the centrifugal force field can be expressed by the following formula:

In the above formula:
m: The quality of ore grain
v: Linear speed of centrifuge operation, m/s
R: radius of the centrifuge drum
ω: Angular velocity of centrifuge drum, rad/s

The centrifugal acceleration of the mineral particles in the centrifuge is several times that of the gravitational acceleration in the conventional chute, so it can greatly accelerate the sedimentation speed of the mineral particles.

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