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LTA series jigger is the earliest type of jigger, which is commonly known as downward moving jigger. It has a compact structure, small footprint, large production capacity per unit footprint, smooth water flow of the downward-moving vertebrae, and remarkable effect on the sorting of medium and fine-grained minerals, and it is often used in the treatment of various metal ores, non-metallic ores and smelting slag.

LTA series jigger is divided into many different types, there is a single row double chamber model, there is also a single row three chamber model, there are double row six chamber models to choose from, to meet the different requirements of different occasions.

The Working Principle

Principle of Jig Concentrator Beneficiation
Principle of Jig Concentrator Beneficiation

After crushing, the raw ore reaches the feeding size range of the jigger, and then it is fed evenly into the feeding chute of the jigger through the feeding device. When the down-action jigger is working normally, the down-action pendulum swings up and down under the action of eccentric connecting rod mechanism, and the distance of up and down movement of the pendulum is adjusted by adjusting the eccentric amount of the eccentric shaft, and the speed of the motor is adjusted to adjust the jigger’s stroke. The regular up and down swinging of the lower moving pendulum drives the tympanum and the lower moving vertebrae to move up and down, which in turn generates regular up and down fluctuations of the water flow in the jigger. Since the pulsation curve produced by the eccentric linkage mechanism is sinusoidal, the water flow produced by this type of jigger is also similar to sinusoidal pulsation water flow.

The sinusoidal pulsation curve in the jig machine to form a vertical alternating current force, into the jig machine sorting tank of minerals in the vertical alternating medium under the action of the flow can be re-layered. Density of mineral particles in the water flow settling speed, in the material layer of the lower space, while the density of small mineral particles in the water flow settling speed is slow, in the material layer of the upper space, due to the density of the difference, the density of small materials is difficult to pass through the density of the material layer to enter the lower space, so the material will be roughly divided into two layers of material into the jigger, the heavy minerals through the screen into the concentrate tank, the light minerals into the tailings tank discharged. The heavy minerals enter the concentrate tank through the screen, while the light minerals enter the tailings tank and are discharged. The materials are continuously fed into the jigger, after sorting, and then discharged separately, forming a continuous jigging beneficiation process.

Performance characteristics

  1. Compact structure, small footprint, very suitable for the limited site of the processing plant, as well as gold mining ship, tin mining ship use;
  2. Simple structure, convenient operation and easy maintenance;
  3. The LTA series jigger has many different combination forms, and can be customized according to customer requirements with different specifications, such as single-row double chamber, single-row triple chamber and double-row six chamber;
  4. The jigger has simple structure, reliable performance, and can be operated for a long time without trouble.

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