Several Jig Concentrators Commonly Used in Gold Ore Dressing

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The jig concentrator is a gravity separation method that relies on the periodically changing vertical movement medium (water or air) flow to layer different densities of mineral particles according to the density and achieves separation. The jig concentrator is more effective in processing medium and coarse-grained ore, simple in operation, large in processing capacity, and widely used in gold ore processing production lines.

There are many types of mineral jigs. At present, the main applications in gold mines include double-chamber diaphragm jigs, circular jigs and trapezoidal jigs.

Double-chamber Diaphragm Jig for Gold Ore Dressing

LTA Series Mineral Jig
LTA Series Mineral Jig

The double-chamber diaphragm jig uses a rotary water diversion valve to intermittently refill the sieve water. This type of jig is often used as a beneficiation operation in gravity beneficiation in gold mine wash plants. This equipment is used to process ball mill discharge in vein gold beneficiation plant to recover single medium and coarse gold in advance. The upper limit of the feed size of this jig is 12-18mm, and the processing capacity is 10-15t/h.

Circular Jig for Gold Ore Dressing

Circular Jig Concentrator
Circular Jig Concentrator

The circular jig is mainly used in the gold ore dressing plant for rough selection. 80% to 90% of the gangue can be discarded after one processing, and the gold recovery rate can reach more than 95%. The upper surface of the circular jig is round, which can be considered as a combination of multiple trapezoidal jigs.

The concentrating tank of this mineral jig is a circular whole or radially divided into several jigging chambers. Each jigging chamber is independently provided with a diaphragm, which is driven by a piston in a hydraulic cylinder. The number of jigging chambers is determined according to the equipment specifications, at least 1 and at most 12, and the diameter of the equipment is 1.5-7.5m. The materials to be selected are fed in from the center and move to the periphery. High-density products are discharged from under the screen, and low-density products are discharged from the surrounding overflow weir.

Trapezoidal Jig

6109 Jig Concentrator
6109 Jig Concentrator

The trapezoidal jig can be considered as an integral part of the circular jig. Therefore, the function of the trapezoidal jig is basically the same as that of the circular jig. The screen surface of the trapezoidal jig expands in a trapezoidal shape from the self-supporting end to the discharge end. Its processing capacity is relatively large, which is generally 15-40t/h. The maximum feeding size can reach 10mm.

2LTC6109/8T jig machine is a type of trapezoidal jig concentrator. It has four independent beneficiation tanks, and the stroke length and stroke time system of each beneficiation tank can be adjusted independently. Therefore, the same machine can perform the functions of four machines. It has an ideal beneficiation effect for unclassified gold minerals within a certain particle size range. Trapezoidal jigs are mainly used for rough beneficiation. 80% to 90% of the gangue can be discarded after one processing, and the gold recovery rate can reach more than 95%. You could refer to our beneficiation process: SIMPLE, HIGH-YIELD GRAVITY GOLD CONCENTRATION PROGRAM.

The raw ore of the gold ore that reaches the feed size range of the jig concentrator is evenly fed into the jig concentrator through the feeding device. The minerals entering the separation tank of the jig concentrator can be re-layered under the action of the vertical alternating medium flow. The denser mineral particles settle fast in the water flow and are located in the lower space of the material layer. The low-density mineral particles settle slowly in the water flow and are in the upper space of the material.

Due to the difference in density, it is difficult for materials with low density to enter the lower space through the layer of materials with high density. Therefore, the material entering the jig concentrator is roughly divided into two material layers. The heavy minerals enter the concentrate tank through the screen, and the light minerals enter the tailings tank for discharge. The gold mineral material is continuously fed into the mineral jig, re-layered under the action of the vertical alternating medium flow, and then discharged from the mineral jig separately, forming a continuous jigging beneficiation process.


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