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Today we’re going to test the trommel screen. The trommel screen will be used in a gold wash plant in Guinea. Its processing capacity is 60~100 tons per hour.

The motor is the first-line brand, which is high efficiency, low noise, and durable. The screen is made of manganese steel, which is worn resistance, high toughness, and tensile strength. The equipment adopts a heavy-duty steel structure to prevent large pieces of mineral from damaging the screen. Angle steel is installed inside the trommel to minimize the stacking of minerals.


The trommel screen is widely used for screening wood chips, soil, compost, solid waste, domestic garbage, ore, rock, and aggregate. The trommel screen is mainly composed of a motor, a reducer, a drum device, a frame, a sealing cover, an inlet, and an outlet, etc.

The Working Principle of the Trommel Screen

trommel screen
trommel screen

The cylindrical roller is installed on the frame obliquely, and the motor is connected with the roller device through a reducer to drive the roller to rotate around the axis. When materials enter the drum screen, due to the tilt and rotation of the drum device, the materials on the screen surface will continue to roll, so that qualified materials are discharged through the discharge port at the bottom of the drum, and unqualified materials are discharged from the outlet at the end of the drum.

Due to the turning and rolling of the materials in the drum, the materials stuck in the screen holes can be discharged to prevent the screen holes from being blocked.

Advantages of Trommel Screen

  1. Rolling conveying principle, small friction coefficient, and the screen hole are not easy to be blocked.
  2. The roller bracket adopts an integral through-shaft structure, which runs smoothly, without vibration and low noise.
  3. The internal trommel accessories adopt a split design, with simple structure, quick and convenient replacement, and maintenance.
  4. The roller device adopts an effective fully sealed structure, which is dust-free and pollution-free.
  5. Safe and reliable operation. The use of reducer has high transmission efficiency, low belt power, low energy consumption, and obvious energy-saving effect.
  6. The trommel screen manufacturer chooses different screen materials according to the different needs of customers to extend the service life of the trommel screen and reduce maintenance costs.
  7. Using special screens, high screening efficiency, and long service life.
  8. The main frame of the heavy steel structure adopts a component design to minimize material accumulation.
  9. The trunnion assembly is mounted on a heavy-duty roller bearing to extend the service life.
  10. The installation angle is small, and the screening effect is good.
  11. The portable roller screen is flexible to use and is suitable for small and medium-sized concentrators that need to be moved.

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