Uncover the Mystery of the Placer Gold Sluice Box

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Placer Gold Sluice Box
Placer Gold Sluice Box

Placer gold sluice box is a kind of gravity dressing equipment for placer gold ores. Next for you to introduce the ore dressing equipment commonly used in placer gold ore dressing: sluice box.

Placer gold ore is a kind of mineral with monomer form of gold elements. Usually, in placer gold deposits, gold is naturally monomer and has a high density. Therefore, it is effective and economical to use gravity beneficiation method to screen the ore deposits of this kind that are relatively dense. There are also some free gold in the form of monomer with large particles in the rock gold mine. It is technically and economically feasible to select this part of free gold in advance by gravity beneficiation in the process of joint gold selection.


In addition to all kinds of jig, shaking table and other ordinary gravity dressing equipment, there are also some gravity dressing equipments. Such as sluice box, vibrating sluice box, centrifuge, etc. The sluice box mainly refers to the fixed sluice box, which can be divided into two kinds.

The large sluice box can be used in the open air stope and the granule size of the placer is 50~100mm. The small sluice box is usually used in gold mining ships, and the selected size is less than 20mm.

The structure of the fixed sluice box is simple. It is a rectangular tank. Some tanks are made of formwork, while others are welded with steel plates 4 to 6mm thick. The sluice box with baffle (commonly known as sliding lattice, also known as lattice bar) at the bottom of the groove is called baffle sluice box.


Length: 4 ~ 5 meters.
Width: 0.6 ~ 0.8 meters.
Height: 0.4 ~ 0.6 meters.
Installation Angle: 4~8°.
Load per unit area: 0.4~1.5m /㎡·h.
Liquid-solid ratio: (10~12) : 1.
Slurry flow velocity: 0.8~1.2m/s.


The advantage of this type of gold ore equipment is that it does not require power. Low production cost and simple operation. It is an effective equipment to recover the coarse gold above 0.2mm.

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Workshop- Gongyi Forui Machinery Factory
Workshop- Gongyi Forui Machinery Factory

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