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Vertical Mill

The grinding process of the vertical mill is completed by a set of grinding devices (namely, grinding roller and grinding disc), and the material is ground into powder between the grinding roller and grinding disc.

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Vertical Mill
Vertical Mill

The grinding process of the vertical mill is completed by a set of grinding devices (namely, grinding roller and grinding disc), and the material is ground into powder between the grinding roller and grinding disc. The movement of the grinding device is rotated by the grinding disc and the grinding roller is driven accordingly. In addition to the weight of the grinding roller, the grinding pressure mainly depends on a set of hydraulic devices to pressurize the material of the grinding disc. There is a large amount of coarse powder in the material after grinding.

The powder is selected by the matching powder classifier. The powder selection process is airflow sorting. Most of the coarse powder automatically falls on the grinding plate and receives it again during the airflow process. Grinding, the rest are selected as finished products by the classifier, and sent to the finished product storage by the dust collection and conveying system.


The motor drives the grinding disc to rotate through the vertical reducer. The solid raw material enters the center of the grinding disc from the inlet through the airlock feeder, and is thrown to the periphery of the grinding disc under the action of the centrifugal force field, and is crushed by repeated rolling by the grinding roller. The crushed material overflows from the edge of the mill, and the powdery material in it is carried by the high-speed airflow rising from the lower part of the machine. When the rising airflow and the powdery material pass through the powder separator on the upper part of the mill, they are under the action of the fast rotating rotor.

The coarse powder is separated and falls into the center of the grinding disc to be ground again, while the fine powder is ground from the upper part of the mill along with the airflow and collected in the dust collection device, which is the product. The particulate materials that have not been carried away by the airflow will return to the feed port of the mill through the bucket elevator of the external circulation after overflowing the grinding disc and enter the mill together with the newly fed raw materials for re-grinding. For materials with high moisture content, hot air is introduced into the mill, and the wet materials are fully contacted with the hot air during the grinding, powder selection, and flow process and are dried to meet the product moisture requirements.

Features of Vertical Mill

1. The system is simple, easy to operate and adjust, and has a high degree of automation. It is suitable for large-scale and ultra-large-scale industrial production as well as small and medium-scale production.
2. High grinding efficiency and large energy-saving range.
3. The proportion of product fineness is high, the powder separator has high manufacturing precision, and the efficiency of powder selection is high, which is more suitable for the production of ultra-fine powder.
4. Small wear and low steel consumption. The disc and the grinding roller are not in direct contact, and the disc lining and roller surface are made of highly wear-resistant materials with long service life.
5. Reliable operation and convenient maintenance. When the grinding roller is overhauled, it can be turned out of the machine body. For a large machine with four grinding rollers, when one or two grinding rollers in a symmetrical position are overhauled, the other two symmetrical grinding rollers are used to run, and the normal capacity can reach 60~ 70%, no or little impact on the entire production line.
6. The equipment has high-cost performance and low investment. The system configuration is simple and can be laid out in the open, without a workshop, thereby saving civil construction costs.
7. Low vibration, low noise, and no dust in negative pressure operation.

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Weight 900 kg
Dimensions 87.5 × 75.6 × 85.0 cm


Feed Size (mm)


Capacity (t/h)


Power (kw)



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