Do You Know How to Extract Gold Based on the Nature of Gold Mines?

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1 Introduction

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Factors that affect the efficiency of gold extraction include the type of gold mine, the nature of the gold mine, the equipment for beneficiation, and the method of operation. Therefore, in order to efficiently extract gold from gold mines, we must first understand the nature of gold mines.

2. Types of gold mines

To extract gold from gold mines, you must first know the types of gold mines. According to the structural state and gold content of gold in minerals, gold minerals in gold deposits can be divided into three categories: gold minerals, gold-bearing minerals, and gold-bearing minerals. We mainly divide gold mines into two categories: placer gold mines and rock gold mines.

3. The nature of the gold mine

3.1 Proportion

The proportion of gold in gold mines is between 17.50 and 18.0, and the main gangue minerals that coexist with it are quartz and pyrite.

3.2 Floatability

If gold and sulfide minerals coexist, the floatability is good. If gold is a symbiosis with non-sulfide minerals, it has good floatability only when the exposed surface of the gold is relatively large.

3.3 Gold is soluble in mercury

Since gold can be easily dissolved in mercury, people often used mercury to recover gold in gold mines in the past. But because mercury can evaporate at room temperature, it is easy to cause poisoning, so many countries have banned the use of mercury to extract gold.
The floatability of natural gold is related to the shape of the gold particles. Flake and scaly gold particles are easier to float than prismatic and striped gold particles. Prism-shaped and strip-shaped gold particles are easier to float than spherical and spot-shaped gold particles. The floatability of surface pure natural gold is the best.

4. How to extract gold

Depending on the nature of the gold mine, the method of extracting gold is also different. Methods of extracting gold include gravity beneficiation, flotation, amalgamation, cyanidation, heap leaching, etc. However, because the gravity beneficiation method has the advantages of low investment, simple equipment operation, high recovery rate, and no pollution to the environment, most concentrators use this method to extract gold.

In the next article, we will introduce how to use the gravity beneficiation method to extract gold.

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