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In the previous article, we shared how to use a gold pan to extract gold from rocks, and then we will introduce another method of extracting gold. But I need to state in advance that although mercury and cyanide can be used to extract gold from rocks, using them is harmful to your health and the environment. Please be sure to protect your own safety. Let me introduce how to use mercury to extract gold from rocks.

1. Use a Sledgehammer or Crusher to Crush the Rock Into Powder.

Hit the rock with a sledgehammer until it breaks into small pieces the size of pebbles. When you use mercury sulfide to extract gold, you don’t need to grind the pebbles into a powder.

2. Mix Mercury Sulfide Into Powdered Rock.

Use a metal rod to mix mercury sulfide with powdered rock and stir the minerals together. Keep stirring until they are well mixed. You can observe that when gold melts from the rest of the rock, mercury and gold will react with each other and form a liquid amalgam.

3. Pour the Molten Gold Amalgam on a Piece of Sheepskin.

Spread a piece of sheepskin, and then slowly pour the gold amalgam on the center of the leather. Leave the remaining stones in the metal container, being careful not to spill any mixture on the outside of the leather. The debris left in the metal container contains a mixture of rock fragments and sulfur.

4. Twist the Top of the Leather to Secure the Mixture Inside.

Carefully pick up the side of the leather, make a small bag around the gold amalgam, and twist the top of the leather to secure it around the amalgam. The leather acts like a cake decorating tube, you will squeeze out unreacted mercury from the bottom of the fabric.

5. Squeeze the Mixture to Extract Unreacted Mercury in the Mixture.

Hold the twisted part of the leather firmly, and then squeeze the raised part of the sheepskin downward to squeeze out the mercury. Pay attention to whether there are small silver mercury beads on the bottom of the leather. Mercury will endanger your health, please do not touch them.

6. Pour the Mixture of Gold and Mercury Into the Old Pan.

Open the leather and pour the mixture into an old pan that you no longer use. Handle with care to avoid spills. Don’t use a pan to hold food after using a pan to extract gold.

7. Cover the Mixture with Potato Chips to Capture Harmful Gases.

Cut a large potato into thick slices and place the slices on the gold amalgam in a pan. Make sure that all metal amalgams are covered and any potatoes can be used.

8. Heat the Mixture on the Fire to Extract the Mercury.

Heat the Mixture on the Fire to Extract the Mercury
Heat the Mixture on the Fire to Extract the Mercury

Heat the pan on the fire, move the pan to heat evenly. The amalgam will melt, releasing mercury as a gas. Potatoes will absorb gas and leave gold behind.

Warning: Heating the mixture will release mercury as a gas, so please work in a ventilated area and wear safety equipment. Potatoes can absorb gas, but heating gold amalgam is still dangerous.

9. Warning

Mercury can harm your health, and the use of mercury in your area may be illegal. Even a small amount of mercury can be dangerous and it is best to avoid it. You can also use cyanide to extract gold, but cyanide is toxic and can produce harmful fumes if handled carelessly. If you are not a professional, it is best to avoid cyanide.

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