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Do you know what equipment to use to extract useful minerals from ore? Today, I will share with you a device that can easily extract useful minerals from ore. It is suitable for the beneficiation of non-metals, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, smelting slag, and other materials. Its name is jig concentrator. Next, we will introduce in detail what kind of equipment it is.

1. What is Jigging Beneficiation

Principle of Jig Concentrator Beneficiation
Principle of Jig Concentrator Beneficiation

Jigging beneficiation-under the action of vertical pulsating medium flow, the process of stratifying and separating the cores of the mineral particle mixture according to the density difference is called jigging.

Hydraulic and wind-powered jigging bed layer-a material layer of a certain thickness formed when the material is fed into the screen of the jig machine.

2. Mineral Layering Process

Under the action of the pulsating water flow, the material can be stratified according to density.

Mineral Layered Process in the Jigging Separation
Mineral Layered Process in the Jigging Separation

During the rising period of the water flow, the bed layer is lifted and loosened, and heavy minerals move towards the bottom layer, and when the water flow turns to move downward, the looseness of the bed layer is reduced.

The movement of the coarse particles becomes difficult at the beginning, and then the bed becomes tighter and tighter, and only the fine mineral particles can move down through the gap, which is called the drill gap movement. The descending water flow stopped, and the stratification stopped temporarily. Until the start of the second cycle, this layered movement continues, and so on.

Mineral Jig 1515-8
Mineral Jig 1515-8

Finally, the dense ore particles are concentrated on the bottom layer, and the less dense ore particles enter the upper layer, completing the density stratification. After taking out the materials separately with a special discharge device, minerals of different densities can be obtained.

The internal cause of stratification: the nature of the mineral grain itself.
The external cause of stratification: alternating currents.

3. Water Flow in the Jig Concentrator

jigging process
jigging process

Horizontal flow: It has a certain effect on the stratification of ore grains, and mainly plays the role of transporting materials.
The vertical pulsating water flow: determines the stratification of minerals.
Jigging cycle: the time it takes for the pulsating water flow to complete a periodic change is T.
The characteristic curve of the jigging cycle: the relationship curve of water speed changing with time during one week.

The basic form of cycle characteristics:
1) There is only intermittent up flow. Rotate the valve.
2) Only intermittent downflow. Moving sieve.
3) Alternating water flow: piston, diaphragm, compressed air.

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