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Henan Lingbao Customer Gold Sulfide Ore and Concentrate
Henan Lingbao Customer Gold Sulfide Ore and Concentrate

Sulfide gold ore is rock gold ore in which natural gold and sulfide (mostly pyrite) coexist. The dense symbiosis of natural gold and sulfide means that pyrite is a material that carries gold. In the process of beneficiation of this kind of gold ores, sulfides and gold are usually selected together to ensure the recovery rate of gold. Then the gold is extracted from the sulfide by methods such as calcination or cyanidation.

Sulfides are mostly coarse particles in sulfide gold ore, and their specific gravity is between 4.9-5.2, which is significantly different from the associated gangue. Therefore, it is completely feasible to recover sulfide ore by the gravity beneficiation method. The gravity beneficiation method can effectively recover the sulfide ore in the ore, and the gold is wrapped in the sulfide ore. Therefore, the process of extracting sulfide ore from the ore is also the roughing process of gold. This process must be carried out under the premise of ensuring the recovery rate.

Gravity Beneficiation Process of Gold Sulfide

Gold Sulfide Ore Processing Production Site
Gold Sulfide Ore Processing Production Site

The use of the gravity beneficiation method to extract sulfide from ore is the simplest and most efficient method. Commonly used gravity beneficiation equipment is mineral jigs, shaker, etc. Since this is a roughing process, a jig with a large processing capacity and high recovery rate is usually used for beneficiation. After the raw ore is crushed, most of the pyrite and gangue are separated from each other, and then enter the jig for rough separation to obtain concentrate and tailings. In this process, the jig machine should be adjusted to have a higher recovery rate, and the final concentrate should not be directly obtained. This can ensure the efficiency of beneficiation and at the same time ensure the recovery rate of gold.

After rough selection by gravity beneficiation process, most of the associated gangue has been discarded. For subsequent flotation or other beneficiation process equipment, the equipment investment will be reduced, the working efficiency of the equipment can be improved, and the beneficiation cost will also be greatly reduced.

Henan Lingbao Customer Gold Sulfide Ore
Henan Lingbao Customer Gold Sulfide Ore

From the above photos, the ore is a sulfide polymetallic ore, which contains gold, silver, copper, lead, and other metals, and the associated gangue is quartzite. Sulfide ore is pyrite, and metals such as gold, silver, copper, lead, and pyrite are densely co-existed. It can be seen from the photo that the particle size of pyrite is relatively coarse, and it has a clear boundary with gangue, which is very suitable for gravity beneficiation to enrich it.


It can be said that the gravity beneficiation enrichment process is of great significance to the improvement of the beneficiation efficiency of the beneficiation plant, the equipment investment, and the reduction of the beneficiation cost. Especially for coarse-grained gold sulfide ore, the gravity beneficiation enrichment process is very necessary. Forui Machinery has provided a complete set of beneficiation solutions and beneficiation equipment for customers in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, and has obtained very good beneficiation effects and won unanimous praise from customers.

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