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Trommel scrubber is generally used for large ore that is difficult to wash. In the mining process of non-ferrous metals, in order to avoid clogging of the crushing and screening equipment by the mud in the mud-containing mineral raw materials, the raw materials need to be cleaned. The trommel scrubber can effectively improve the quality of mines, and has significant economic benefits in view of the reality that there are many poor mines in various countries.


Trommel Scrubber
Trommel Scrubber

The trommel scrubber includes a trommel screen and a trommel scrubber.

  1. The rotating speed of the cylindrical screen is high, and the inner wall of the screen cylinder is equipped with a longitudinal lifting plate, an annular baffle and a high-pressure water spray device to improve the breaking capacity and is used for easy-washing ore.
  2. The barrel of the trommel scrubber is divided into front and rear sections. The front section is non-porous for soaking and crushing ore, and the rear section has holes for debris separation.

This type of equipment is used for ore washing and screening operations, and is suitable for processing easy-washable and medium-washable ore. The minimum sieve hole size can be 8mm, and the maximum can reach 50mm. The trommel screen is installed obliquely. The equipment is simple in structure, easy to maintain and manage, and work smoothly.

Working Principle

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The trommel scrubber is supported by four tugs, and the drum body rotates at low speed with the motor driving the large and small gears. The sludge-containing ore enters the rotating drum, is continuously carried and stirred by the stirring device installed inside the cylinder, and is continuously washed by the high-pressure water column during multiple cycles. The cleaned ore is dehydrated by the dehydration device and the finished product is discharged.


  1. It is widely used in the cleaning of ore with high mud content.
  2. It can clean all kinds of difficult-to-wash large ore, and the washing efficiency is as high as 99%.
  3. Low speed rotation, low power consumption and cost saving.
  4. Simple structure, stable performance and large output.
  5. Low failure rate and long service life of wear parts.

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