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Tantalum-niobium deposits are characterized by low grade of raw ore, the complex composition of useful minerals, the high relative density of tantalum-niobium minerals (large 5), and often weak magnetic properties. Therefore, there are many methods for beneficiation of tantalum-niobium, and the process of beneficiation is also very good. complex. The main beneficiation methods include gravity beneficiation, magnetic separation, electric separation, and flotation, etc. Sometimes hydrometallurgy is used for treatment.


For the beneficiation of tantalum niobium ore, generally, the raw ore is first roughed in the beneficiation plant, and the coarse concentrate obtained from the roughing is then beneficiated. At present, the main roughing method for tantalum-niobium is gravity beneficiation.

Due to the low grade of tantalum niobium ore and the high relative density of useful minerals, it is most suitable to use the low-cost gravity beneficiation method for roughing. However, this method has a poor beneficiation effect for fine-grained tantalum-niobite ore, and the beneficiation recovery rate is low. The recovery of fine-grained tantalum-niobite ore mainly adopts the flotation method. Currently, the gravity beneficiation equipment used in the rough separation of tantalum niobium ore includes jigs, spiral concentrators, shakers, centrifugal concentrators, and fan-shaped chutes.

In addition to tantalum-niobium minerals, the crude tantalum-niobium concentrate obtained by gravity beneficiation often contains useful minerals such as cassiterite, zircon, xenotime, monazite, ilmenite, and other gangue minerals. The beneficiation can be carried out by gravity beneficiation, magnetic separation, electric separation, flotation, and other methods according to the different mineral properties, to obtain various useful minerals.

For different types of tantalum-niobium ore, the beneficiation method is also different, they can be roughly divided into three types:

  1. Tantalum-niobium ore has a coarser grain size, and other useful minerals and gangue minerals have smaller densities.

This kind of ore is usually obtained by gravity beneficiation to obtain coarse tantalum-niobium concentrate or directly obtain qualified tantalum-niobium concentrate. After the gravity beneficiation tailings are reground, gravity beneficiation or a combination of gravity beneficiation and magnetic separation are used for sweeping operations, and another part of qualified is obtained. Tantalum-niobium concentrates, such as Yichun Tantalum-niobium Mine and Xinjiang Keketuohai Lithium, Beryllium, Tantalum-niobium Polymetallic Mines, etc.

  1. In addition to tantalum and niobium minerals, there are one or more useful minerals or gangue minerals with higher density in the ore.

This type of ore mostly adopts the process of gravity beneficiation or a combination of gravity beneficiation and magnetic separation. First, discard a large amount of waste rock, and then enrich tantalum and niobium according to the density, specific magnetic susceptibility, dielectric properties, floatability, and hydrometallurgical properties of each mineral in the coarse concentrate.

  1. Tantalum-niobium mineral intercalation has a fine grain size and contains a lot of other high-density minerals.

Gravity beneficiation has a certain enrichment effect on such ore. For tantalum-niobium ore with an embedded particle size of less than 37μm, it is difficult to efficiently enrich the tantalum-niobium ore by using conventional physical beneficiation methods such as gravity beneficiation, magnetic separation, and electric separation. At present, the high-quality tantalum-niobium concentrate can be obtained by combining the flotation process characterized by selective collectors and inhibitors, combined with gravity beneficiation and magnetic separation processes.

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