Why Can Jigging Machine Extract Gold from Placer Gold Mines

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Alluvial Gold Processing
Alluvial Gold Processing

Placer gold refers to the gold formed by separating the rock gold in the mountain by the river water and separating the gold and quartz veins.

River gold is easy to mine, and it is also very easy to extract gold. The gold in the river gold mine can be extracted by using a jig machine. The process of mining and extracting rock gold is relatively complicated and difficult. Generally, only a few grams of gold can be extracted after one ton of ore is mined.

The Principle of Gold Extraction by Jig Machine

Principle of Jig Concentrator Beneficiation
Principle of Jig Concentrator Beneficiation

Since the gold and sand in the placer gold mine have a large density difference, we can use the method of gravity beneficiation to extract the gold in the placer gold mine. Jigging beneficiation is one of the gravity beneficiation methods, and the principle of the jigging machine is mainly the principle of gravity beneficiation.

The jig machine loosens the ore particles under the action of the vertical alternating medium flow, and then layer them according to the density. The light minerals are in the upper layer and the heavy minerals are in the lower layer, so as to achieve the purpose of sorting. If the medium increases within a certain range, the greater the density difference between the ore particles, the higher the separation efficiency.

LTA Series Mineral Jig
LTA Series Mineral Jig

In the vertical ascending current of the jig, the light, heavy, and size of the mineral particles have different moving speeds, and the heavy minerals fall behind the light minerals when ascending, and at the end of the ascent, they are under the light minerals. . When the ore particles move in the opposite direction, the heavier ore particles will settle at a higher speed in the static or falling water flow, resulting in the formation of a layering of light and heavy ore particles.

The dense ore particles are tightly attached to the sieve plate of the jig machine in the lower layer, so that the stratification tends to be clear after many times of repetition, and then the two layers of light and heavy ore particles are separated by a suitable device, so as to obtain two products: concentrate and tailings.

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