Diamond Processing Technology and Diamond Beneficiation Method

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Diamond primary mine
Diamond primary mine

Diamond refers to polished diamond, diamond is a kind of natural mineral, it is the original stone of diamond. To put it simply, a diamond is a kind of elemental crystal composed of carbon elements formed under high pressure and high-temperature conditions in the earth’s crust. As a kind of mineral resource, the market price of a diamond is indeed very high, but the content of diamond in the ore is really very low. To extract diamond from ore, a process of dressing and purification is necessary.

The beneficiation process of primary diamond ore mainly depends on the nature of raw ore, the scale of the concentrator, and other factors. In order to design a reasonable technological process, it is necessary to protect the diamond crystal from being damaged or minimize the degree of damage as far as possible. This requires us to determine a reasonable crushing process, determine the appropriate ore size range, and as far as possible integrated recovery of fine diamond and useful associated minerals. Only in this way can high rates of recovery and returns be ensured.

Diamond Beneficiation Method – Grease Beneficiation Method

Diamond Grease Recovery
Diamond Grease Recovery

Grease beneficiation is the earliest method of diamond, which is one of the main diamond beneficiation methods. The theoretical basis of diamond grease beneficiation is that, in the separation system, the separation process is realized by virtue of the physical characteristics of the oleophilic and hydrophobic nature of diamond (diamond is stuck to the grease), while other gangue minerals are hydrophilic and hydrophobic (flow to the tailings hopper along the direction of washing water flow).

Prior to this, the rough concentrate in diamond concentrators was directly separated by hand. This method is not only a considerable amount of work but also difficult to guarantee quality. When the grease beneficiation method is adopted, the workload of hand separation is reduced to the previous L /800, and the working efficiency is improved hundreds of times. Therefore, the industry has reason to believe that grease beneficiation is the second milestone in the history of diamond beneficiation.

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