Diamond Beneficiation Process, a Full Set of Diamond Beneficiation Equipment

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Diamond deposits are divided into primary ore and placer, so the diamond beneficiation process is divided into the beneficiation process of diamond primary ore beneficiation and diamond placer beneficiation process. Here is a miner dressing a diamond mine using a primitive, inefficient method. Below we share some efficient diamond dressing methods for you.

Syarani, a 54-year-old driller, has been involved in mining for 30 years.
Syarani, a 54-year-old driller, has been involved in mining for 30 years.

Diamond Primary Ore Beneficiation Process

The original diamond ore is produced from rock masses, and diamonds are accompanied by rocks. The beneficiation process of this kind of deposit is more complicated, including crushing process, grinding process, and beneficiation process.

The diamond ore is broken to dissociate the diamond monomer, and then the diamond monomer is further dissociated by grinding. The dissociation of diamond is the prerequisite for diamond beneficiation. Due to the extremely uneven particle size of diamond inserts, segmented crushing and segmented beneficiation processes should be used. For the coarse-grained diamond that has dissociated in the crushing stage, the coarse-grained ore is recovered in time with a jig in the roughing stage, and the coarse-grained ore is finally obtained by different beneficiation methods in the beneficiation stage. The jig tailings enter the grinding stage to further dissociate the undissociated diamond in the crushing stage. Then it is screened, and the screened materials of different particle sizes are sent to the jig machine for beneficiation.

Diamond Placer Beneficiation Process

Placer is a diamond that is deposited on depressions, riverbeds or seashores after differentiation and fragmentation of the original rock mass, and then transported by water. In diamond placers, diamonds and waste rocks have basically been completely dissociated. The beneficiation process of diamond placer is relatively simple, and the main processes include washing, screening, roughing, and beneficiation.

Diamond Beneficiation Equipment

Mineral Jig AM30
Mineral Jig AM30

The crushing process and the grinding process are the prerequisites for beneficiation. Reasonable selection of diamond roughing and beneficiation equipment is very important for diamond beneficiation. Diamond crushing and grinding equipment are some conventional equipment. Here we mainly introduce diamond roughing equipment and beneficiation equipment.

In the process of primary diamond ore and diamond placer ore, we choose skip beneficiation. The basic principle of the jig beneficiation process lies in the difference in the properties of diamond and other minerals in the material. The main differences are density, properties and coefficient of friction.

Mineral Jig 6109

The difference in the proportion of diamond and associated waste rock is not obvious, the index of gravity beneficiation is in the middle and lower, and gravity beneficiation is not dominant. However, the diamond shape is uniform, the surface is smooth, and the friction coefficient is small, which is very conducive to the beneficiation of jigs. Jigging machine also has the advantages of small equipment investment, low production cost, easy operation, etc., so it is widely used in the beneficiation of diamond ore.

Grease Belt Concentrator

Diamond Grease Concentrator
Diamond Grease Concentrator

The grease beneficiation method is an earlier beneficiation method used for diamond beneficiation, and the commonly used equipment is a vibrating grease belt concentrator. The vibrating grease belt concentrator is composed of a grease separation belt and a vibrating system. The vibrating grease belt concentrator can automatically lay the grease layer and scrape grease and adhesives at the end of the grease separation belt. It has the advantages of continuous work, high recovery rate, low cost, and high efficiency for fine-grained diamonds.

Diamond Beneficiation Projects

Gold and Diamond Beneficiation Project
Gold and Diamond Beneficiation Project
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