Fluorite beneficiation process and equipment configuration

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1. Introduction to Fluorite

The main component of fluorite is calcium fluoride, which is mainly used in metallurgy and chemical industries. The fluorite used in the metallurgical industry is called metallurgical grade fluorite, mostly in granular or massive form, and is high-grade fluorite. The fluorite ore used in the chemical industry is mainly used to produce hydrofluoric acid, called acid-grade fluorite, which is a high-quality fluorite powder ore.

2. Principles of Beneficiation

Because the relative density of fluorite is relatively high, and the relative density of gangue associated with fluorite is relatively small, there is a certain specific gravity difference between them, so the method of gravity beneficiation can be used to recover fluorite. The commonly used gravity beneficiation equipment is a jig.

3. The Working Principle of the Jig Machine

the jig machine uses water as the beneficiation medium. Under the action of the electric motor, the transmission mechanism of the jig machine can make regular movements, and at the same time drive the tympanic membrane to make a reciprocating motion, thereby causing the water flow in the jig machine to produce periodic sinusoidal fluctuations.

Under the action of the vertical alternating current of the minerals entering the jig, the sedimentation speed of the denser mineral particles in the water is fast, while the sedimentation speed of the less dense mineral particles in the water is slow. Therefore, this process roughly divides the material entering the jig into two material layers. Heavy minerals enter the concentrate tank through the screen, and light minerals are discharged from the tailing tank, thus completing the entire beneficiation process.

AM30 Mineral Jig Concentrator
AM30 Mineral Jig Concentrator

4. Fluorite Beneficiation Projects

Fluorite Beneficiation Plant
Fluorite Beneficiation Plant

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