How to Improve the Grade of Fluorite by Using Gravity Dressing Process

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The gravity beneficiation process of fluorite ore is actually a process of discarding the gangue in the fluorite ore by sieving and washing to improve the grade of fluorite ore. The method of purely using water washing has little effect on the improvement of the fluorite ore grade. Fluorite ore screening and washing mainly refers to the purification of fluorite ore by the method of hydraulic beneficiation, and the beneficiation method is gravity beneficiation. Below we give a brief introduction to the technological process and equipment of fluorite ore screening and washing.

Fluorite Sample
Fluorite Sample

The particle distribution of fluorite ore is uneven, and the range of particle size is relatively large. Gravity beneficiation has very strict requirements on the particle size of the selected materials, so the fluorite ore must be screened and classified before it can enter the beneficiation process. Some fluorite mines contain a lot of soil, and they need to be washed according to actual conditions. Therefore, the screening process of fluorite ore is very important, and it is related to the effect of the subsequent beneficiation process. The commonly used fluorite ore screening equipment is a circular vibrating screen and a drum screen, and the commonly used fluorite ore washing equipment is a spiral washing machine.

After screening and washing, the fluorite ore still contains a certain amount of waste rock. If the waste rock is to be discarded, it is necessary to carry out the beneficiation operation. The significance of beneficiation is different from ore washing and screening. The purpose of ore washing is to wash away the excessive viscous soil impurities in fluorite ore. Although it can improve the grade of fluorite ore to a certain extent, the extent of improvement of the grade is very limited. The purpose of screening is to separate coarse and fine fluorite ore to achieve the best feed size of the jig machine, and the role of beneficiation is to further improve the grade of fluorite ore on the basis of screening and washing.

Therefore, the gravity beneficiation process of fluorite ore is screening-washing-jigging-dehydration. After the screening, washing, and jigging, the grade of fluorite ore can be greatly improved, and the final metallurgical grade fluorite concentrate can be directly obtained. The following is the flow chart of the gravity beneficiation process of fluorite ore:

There are two main methods for beneficiation of fluorite ore, one is gravity beneficiation and the other is flotation. The following is the fluorite beneficiation production line we built for our customers:

The gravity separation method is gravity separation based on the difference in specific gravity between fluorite and gangue. The beneficiation equipment used in gravity beneficiation is mainly a mineral jig, which has the characteristics of small investment, high return, low beneficiation cost, and no pollution to the environment. It is very suitable for small and medium-sized metallurgical-grade fluorite ore beneficiation plants.

Flotation is a method of beneficiating low-grade fine-grained fluorite ore. It is mainly used to prepare high-quality fluorite powder. Investment in flotation equipment is large, and the operating cost of the beneficiation plant is high. However, the grade of fluorite concentrate produced by the flotation method can reach more than 97%. It is currently the only production method of high-quality chemical-grade fluorite powder.

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