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fluorite ore concentrate produced by jigging machine
fluorite ore concentrate produced by jigging machine

The main component of fluorite ore is calcium fluoride, which is mainly used in metallurgy and chemical industries. The fluorite ore used in the metallurgical industry is called metallurgical grade fluorite ore, mostly granular or massive, high-grade fluorite ore. Fluorite ore for the chemical industry is mainly used to produce hydrofluoric acid, called acid-grade fluorite ore, which is high-quality fluorite powder ore. Today I will share with you the beneficiation process of metallurgical grade fluorite ore.

Fluorite Ore Gravity Processing Equipment

Metallurgical-grade fluorite ore is mostly large-particle fluorite ore. In order to obtain large-particle or massive fluorite ore, we need to select equipment that can beneficiate large-particle fluorite ore. The only equipment that can directly separate granular or lump ore is a jig. The feed size of the jig machine is large, and the feed size range is wide. It can be used for the beneficiation of 0-50mm fluorite ore. The production of metallurgical grade fluorite ore must use gravity beneficiation equipment. The following is the gravity beneficiation process of metallurgical grade fluorite ore.

1. Crushing Process

The concentrate of metallurgical grade fluorite ore is required to be granular, but the fluorite ore is relatively brittle, and the crusher can easily break the fluorite too much. Therefore, the crushing process must not only ensure that the product meets the feeding size range of the beneficiation equipment but also does not produce too many powdered minerals. A simple and practical jaw crusher can meet this demand.

The crushing process uses PE series and PEX series jaw crushers for primary crushing and secondary crushing of the ore. The crushing scheme can not only crush the raw ore to the effective feed size range of the jig but also avoid the production of excessive powdered fluorite ore, which is beneficial to the smooth progress of the ore dressing.

2. Screening Process

The screening equipment of fluorite ore needs to be determined according to the nature of the ore. If the raw ore has a large mud content and high viscosity, it is recommended to use a trommel screen. Screening by adding water to the trommel can not only reduce the clogging of the sieve holes but also play a role in ore washing.

If the raw ore does not contain mud and the water content is very low, a circular vibrating screen can be used. The process flow uses a vibrating screen for screening, and the crushed materials are sieved into three levels of 0-8mm, 8-30mm, and greater than 30mm. The first two enter the silo and then enter the beneficiation process, and the material greater than 30mm is returned The crushing process proceeds to crush again.

3. Beneficiation Process

As mentioned earlier, the metallurgical grade fluorite mine requires the concentrate to be granular, which also determines that the metallurgical grade fluorite mine production equipment must use the jigger, which is a gravity beneficiation equipment.

This process uses two different types of jig equipment to beneficiate 0-8mm and 8-30mm fluorite ore. In order to improve the beneficiation index and processing capacity, it is recommended to set up a silo and feeder before the jig to ensure the normal and stable operation of the jig.

4. Dehydration Process

The jig machine uses water as the beneficiation medium, so the concentrate and tailings discharged by the jig machine have large water content and need to be dehydrated. The dehydration process adopts a high-efficiency dehydration screen, which can greatly reduce the moisture on the surface of the mineral, and the excess moisture is returned to the circulation tank for continued use.

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