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The recovery of diamonds from diamond deposits can be divided into the following three stages: crushing stage, washing stage, recovery stage.

Crushing Stage

After collecting the diamond-containing ore, it is transported to the primary crusher. The primary crusher is responsible for crushing the diamond to a smaller size. Then they are sent to a secondary crusher, usually, a roller crusher, which can further reduce the size of the ore.

Washing Stage

At this stage, the ore is scrubbed by the washing machine to remove loose excess materials. Normally, materials smaller than 1.5 mm will be discarded because the cost of extracting diamonds from such a small ore is too high.

Recovery Stage

Diamond ore
Diamond ore

Here, a jig machine is usually used to extract diamonds from the ore. Due to the high density of diamond, the density of the gangue associated with diamond is small, we can use the density difference between them to purify the diamond. The jig machine is the equipment that uses this principle to beneficiate.

Mineral Layered Process in The Jigging Separation
Mineral Layered Process in The Jigging Separation

In the jig machine, the reciprocating movement of the diaphragm makes the water flow in the jig machine reciprocate in the vertical direction according to a sinusoidal curve. Due to the fast sedimentation speed of diamonds in water, the sedimentation speed of gangue in water is slow. While minerals move forward with the water flow, they also form stratification according to the speed of sedimentation. Finally, the diamond sinks below to form a concentrate and waste. The stone is discharged from the upper tailing end to achieve the purpose of diamond purification.

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