How to Separate Coal from Coal Gangue in Middling Coal

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Middling coal is an intermediate product between clean coal and coal gangue separated from raw coal by a jig in a coal washing plant. It is a mixture of clean coal and coal gangue. Middling coal has low calorific value, high ash content, easy to slag, and its price is much lower than that of clean coal. Therefore, many coal washing plants urgently need a method that can separate the gangue from the middling coal and turn the middling coal into clean coal in order to improve the economic benefits of the coal washing plant.

Clean coal obtained from the mineral jig
Clean coal obtained from the mineral jig

Forui Machinery is an earlier manufacturer engaged in research on the beneficiation technology of middling coal and coal. It has successively provided beneficiation technology and equipment for coal washing plants in Shanxi, Hebei, and other places.

Middling Coal Mining Principle

AM30 Mineral Jig Concentrator
AM30 Mineral Jig Concentrator

Anyone who knows coal and gangue knows that gangue is much heavier than coal. The professional saying is that the gravity of gangue is heavier than coal. The equipment for washing raw coal in the coal washing plant also separates clean coal and gangue according to the different gravity of coal and gangue. The raw coal processed by the coal washing plant is generally relatively large. In addition to the separation of clean coal and gangue, a mixture of coal gangue and coal is discharged, which is what everyone calls middling coal.

The processing capacity of the ore dressing equipment used in the coal washing plant is relatively large, the separation accuracy is not high, and the middling coal cannot be processed. Based on the principle of the ore dressing equipment of the coal washing plant, the Forui Machinery Plant has developed a middling coal processing equipment with high separation accuracy, which can effectively separate the coal and gangue in the middling coal.

The middling coal processing equipment developed by Forui Machinery mainly has the following models: 3-5 cm massive middling coal beneficiation equipment, less than 3 cm massive middling coal beneficiation equipment, and powdery middling coal beneficiation equipment.

Gongyi Forui Machinery Factory is a high-quality enterprise specializing in the production of beneficiation equipment. Over the years, it has produced gravity beneficiation, magnetic separation, flotation, and other beneficiation equipment, and has accumulated a lot of practical experience. Forui Machinery is involved in a lead-zinc ore, gold ore, fluorite, barite, pyrite, hematite, limonite, magnetite, manganese ore, antimony ore, tungsten ore, tin ore, celestite, etc. In the field of beneficiation of a variety of minerals, fruitful results have been achieved.

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