Beneficiation Process of Placer Gold With Shaking Table

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Shaking Table for Placer Gold Processing
Shaking Table for Placer Gold Processing

A dressing shaking table is another gravity dressing device that is usually arranged in a selection process to separate fine ore (such as placer gold) due to its high enrichment ratio.

The working principle of ore dressing shaker: ore material is fed into the shaker from the feeding trough. On the shaker, ore material will be subjected to three kinds of mutually vertical forces, such as the gravity of the material in the medium, the fluid power of horizontal water flow and slurry flow, and the dynamic force of differential reciprocating movement of bed surface. Under the action of these three forces, the material particles located in the bed groove carry on two basic sorting movements of loose stratification and transport and zoning:

(1) Loosely layered
After the material is stratified, the mixture of fine heavy mineral, coarse heavy mineral, and some fine light mineral, coarse light mineral, and fine mineral is successively from bottom to top (suspended in the top layer and washed away by transverse flow).

(2) Transport and transport sub-belt
Under the action of transverse water flow and longitudinal shaking of bed surface, the motion speed of fine heavy minerals towards concentrate end is the maximum, and that towards tailings end (transverse) is the minimum. The motion speed of coarse light minerals is just the opposite. The motion speed of other types of mineral grains is between the two (excluding slime). As a result of the material of different properties moving in different directions, the fan-shaped zonings are developed on the bed surface, and the concentrate, medium ore, tailings and slime are obtained after discharge at the concentrate end and tailings end respectively.

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