How Not Knowing Alluvial/placer Gold Dressing Makes You a Rookie

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Alluvial Gold Beneficiation Plant
Alluvial Gold Beneficiation Plant

The principle of gravity beneficiation is adopted in the process of alluvial/placer gold ore dressing. It uses recycled water and does not add any chemicals. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, no pollution to the environment, small equipment investment, low production cost and large processing capacity.


The processing line of Forui alluvial/placer gold mine is mainly composed of hopper, feeder, belt conveyor, jaw crusher, hammer crusher, ball mill, classifier, centrifugal gold separator, shaking table, heating furnace and other equipments.


Forui Machinery Factory designed the whole alluvial/placer gold ore processing process is very simple. Include the following 4 steps: Feeding Stage, Crushing & Grinding Stage, Classification Stage, Beneficiation Stage, etc.

Alluvial/Placer Gold Dressing Flow Chart
Alluvial/Placer Gold Dressing Flow Chart

1. Feeding Stage

First, the alluvial/placer gold ore is sent into the hopper. After the ore passes through the hopper, it is fed into the vibrating feeder. Vibrating feeder can send ore evenly to belt conveyor. Thus the raw ore is uniformly fed into the crushing equipments.

2. Crushing & Grinding Stage

Jaw Crusher For Alluvial/Placer Gold Dressing
Jaw Crusher For Alluvial/Placer Gold Dressing

Ore material is crushed or split by the up and down movement of the mandible, the main component of the jaw crusher.
Then, the material is sent to the hammer crusher to break. The impact of hammer head is mainly used to further break ore materials.

Then, the material is fed into the ball mill. The ball mill is the key equipment to crush the material after it is broken. It uses the impact force generated by the free fall of the steel ball inside the equipment to achieve the purpose of crushing the material.

3. Classification Stage

Usually the classifier is used in conjunction with the ball mill. They can form a closed cycle of grinding and particle size grading. The classifier plays the role of size classification, desliming and dehydration in the process of ore beneficiation.

4. Beneficiation Stage

Alluvial/Placer Gold Dressing Equipments
Alluvial/Placer Gold Dressing Equipments

The graded gold ore is fed into a centrifugal concentrator. A centrifuge produces a great deal of centrifugal force when it spins at a high speed. Due to the large specific gravity difference between gold and waste rock, the purpose of separation can be achieved under the action of centrifugal force field.

After the centrifuge beneficiation, it is necessary to use the beneficiation shaker for further beneficiation. The bed surface of the shaker produces a continuous differential reciprocating motion. In this reciprocating motion, different mineral grains of different density and granularity will move in different directions on the bed surface. Starting from the feed slot, fan out along the diagonal thread and in turn exclude along the edge of the bed surface. The ore discharge line is very long and can produce a variety of products with different qualities accurately. Such as concentrate, secondary concentrate, medium concentrate, tailings, etc.

Finally, the concentrate produced by the shaker is fed into the heating furnace for heating treatment. Produces the final gold bullion and other useful precious metal products such as silver.


The alluvial/placer gold ore beneficiation process is simple. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, no pollution to the environment, small investment in equipment, low production cost and large processing capacity, etc. Forui machinery production equipment to obtain ISO9001 quality certification, has a wear-resisting, simple structure, easy maintenance, etc.

Of course, the final ore beneficiation process depends on the nature of your ore and your expectations for the final product. Such as ore size, grade of raw ore, your desired concentrate grade, etc.

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