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vibrator sluice box

Gold Vibrating Sluice Box

The gold vibrating sluice box and the sluice box are almost the same, belonging to the same kind of gold ore gravity dressing equipment.

AM30 Mineral Jig Concentrator

AM30 Mineral Jig Concentrator

The AM30 Mineral Jig Concentrator is a mineral jig concentrator developed by my country for the beneficiation of large-particle ore.

6109 Jig Concentrator

2LTC 6109/8T Jig Concentrator

2LTC6109/8T jig concentrator is commonly known as trapezoidal jig concentrator. It is widely used in the field of recovery of various ore.

Compound Double Movable Sieve Jig

Compound Double Movable Sieve Jig

Compound double movable sieve jig is a kind of lever compound moving sieve jig. It can beneficiate coarse and fine minerals at the same time.

LTA Series Mineral Jig

LTA Series Jigging Machine

The LTA series jigging machine is a single-row double-chamber bottom-moving jigging machine. It is a gravity beneficiation equipment.

Mineral Jig 16-2

FRT16-2 Jig Machine

The FRT16-2 jig machine is a jig machine with a large processing capacity and large feed size designed by Forui Machinery.

placer gold shaking table

Shaking Table

Shake Table is mainly used to separate rare metals and precious metal ores such as gold, silver, lead zinc, tantalum zinc, tin and so on.

placer gold sluice box

Gold Sluice Box

The biggest characteristic and advantage of the gold sluice box is that the large processing capacity and the low processing cost.

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