Stainless Steel Slag Recycling Solution and Beneficiation Equipment

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Stainless steel slag is divided into dry slag and water-granulated slag. The specific gravity difference between water-granulated slag and alloy is very different, and the method and process of gravity separation can be used directly for separation. Stainless steel dry slag is a hard and brittle material, and the slag is agglomerated with nickel-iron alloy particles.

Generally, it needs to be crushed or ground to be sorted. For the separation of low-nickel dry slag, strong magnetic separation technology and equipment can be used, while for high-nickel alloy slag with lower magnetic permeability, it can only be processed by re-selection methods and equipment.

1. Water-granulated Slag Processing

Stainless Steel Slag -> Crushing -> Screening -> Jigging -> Dehydration

The water-granulated slag treatment process is suitable for stainless steel water quenching slag, which has a large difference in specific gravity between stainless steel slag and alloy particles, and can be directly gravity separated by using a jig machine, and has a high recovery rate and a large processing capacity.

2. Dry Slag Processing Processing

2.1 Low Nickel Alloy Slag Processing

Stainless Steel Slag -> Crushing -> Screening -> Strong Magnetic Separation
For the treatment and recovery of low-nickel alloy slag, a strong magnetic separator is used for separation, and satisfactory separation economic indicators can be obtained.

2.2 High Nickel Alloy Slag Processing

Stainless Steel Slag -> Rod Mill -> Jigging -> Dehydration

For the treatment and recovery of high-nickel alloy slag, it is often necessary to go through rod mill grinding to break the aggregated waste slag and alloy particles, so that the alloy particles can be dissociated, so that the jigging process can be better. Sorting effect.

The processing technology of the steel slag mainly adopts magnetic separation technology. The main equipment includes jaw crusher, vibrating screen, magnetic separator, ball mill, magnetic pulley and other equipment. As shown in the figures:

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